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For your convenience we have provided a list in alphabetical order of obituaries for services provided by Dyer-Lake.
Please know that even with the possibility of inclement weather during the winter months in New England, funeral services or visitations are typically not cancelled, rescheduled or postponed.  
In the event a state of emergency is declared, though, we will make necessary adjustments to the time and date of the arrangements with the family’s safety concerns in mind.
We are always available to take your call if a family member or guest is uncertain whether a service is on-schedule.
Please feel free to call us at 508. 695.0200 or Toll-Free number at 888.DYER LAKE [888.393.7525] or contact us by e-mail at Dyer-Lake Funeral Home.

Funeral Home and Cremation Services, LLC

161 Commonwealth Avenue
Village of Attleboro Falls
North Attleboro, Massachusetts 02763


Telephone: 508.695.0200   Toll Free: 888.DYER-LAKE
Fax: 508.699.7504

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Donald Dugas   07/20/2014
Francisca Santos Green   07/19/2014
Paul Munns   07/17/2014
Joanne Tocchio   07/14/2014
Thomas Barboza   07/14/2014
Todd Goodman   07/13/2014
Joseph Scherma   07/10/2014
Bernice Trimbach   07/08/2014
Ruth Bishop   07/07/2014
Joseph Howard, Jr.   07/06/2014
Mary O'Brien, R.N.   07/06/2014
James Tinkler   06/28/2014
Gloria Lovell   06/28/2014
Emily Harrop   06/23/2014
Susanne Hull   06/19/2014
Peter Downs   06/17/2014
Philip Elias   06/16/2014
Adam Spector   06/14/2014
Zoel Dupuis   06/13/2014
Salvatore Pino   06/12/2014
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