Dyer-Lake's "NEW PERSPECTIVES" Bereavement and Grief Support Program

"NEW PERSPECTIVES" -  Dyer-Lake’s bereavement and grief support program which reflects our longstanding commitment to the families we serve and to the greater community. This unique program provides a comprehensive level of personalized after-care incomparable in the area.

A funeral or memorial service is often the first step in the grief and bereavement journey.  Although each of us may grieve in our own way, the process of grieving is an essential part of life going forward. We recognize that once the service has ended and family and friends have returned to their routines, what once was "normal" may no longer seem to be.  Sorrow and grief can take the place of other emotions, and new routines are anything but "normal".

Although death may have taken the life of a loved one, we understand that it has not taken away the relationship which existed; rather, that relationship has changed and continues in a new way.  As we search for the new "normal" in our life, we strive to achieve new perspectives.

Each of us grieves in our own way and in our own time. At Dyer-Lake, we provide an exceptional array of programs, services, resources and information, all of which remain available for as long as they are needed.

Beginning with the care and compassion of our experienced funeral directors and staff, and including the guidance and support of our licensed social worker, Rose Murrin, LICSW, Dyer-Lake is here to meet the needs of those we serve, as well as others in our extended community, all at no charge.

In addition to offering personal support and information, we also hold memorial programs such as our touching Holiday Tree Lighting and Memorial Ornament program and an inspirational Butterfly Release. We are proud to also offer numerous community education events throughout the year.

Our New Perspectives bereavement and grief support program offers:


Emotional support for individuals and families experiencing loss;


Educational support for those experiencing loss;


Specific information on community resources and groups designed to help bereaved families;


Personal counseling for those needing assistance in time of loss;


Our licensed social worker who is available to the families we serve for personal discussion regarding a recent death;


Monthly grief support meetings designed to assist anyone in the community who is dealing with the death of a loved one. For the current schedule, please see the Community Events section of our website or call us.


Special events throughout the year including our no-charge Veterans Day transportation to those unable to visit the gravesite of a loved one at a local cemetery or at the National Cemetery in Bourne, Massachusetts. For information and schedules please visit our website, Facebook page, or our New Perspectives Newsletter.


An extensive lending library available at the funeral home for anyone seeking information on the subjects of dying, death and bereavement. Please contact us for more information.


We also offer our knowledgeable speakers for any group on subjects related to funerals, cremation, burial, bereavement and recovery.


Please call us at 508.695.0200 for more information.