About Us

Dyer-Lake Funeral Home was at one time the residence of Obed Robinson and his family. What is now Robinson Street was once lined with their factory buildings and led to the area of Attleboro Falls we know as Robinsonville. The house itself dates back to the first quarter of the19th century and was built in the Greek Revival style. The flush board siding, the wide frieze board, and pilasters, were intended to create the character of the stone structure of a Greek temple.

The most unique element of the house remains the roof line. Atop the second story sits a glass enclosed belvedere, commonly known as a cupola, perhaps for Mr. Robinson to look out over his estate. The property has been used as a funeral home since 1963. The central hall plan of the main house stands as it once did. Among the original characteristics of the house that still remain to this day are the tiled brick fireplace surrounding the old dining room depicting scenes from "The Hunt." In what was once the kitchen is a unique cast iron cooking stove with combination baking and warming ovens built into the chimney.

The majestic elegance of this historic building provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for families and their guests.

Our Mission and Commitment.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of funeral and cremation services to each of the families we are honored to serve. We view that service as a privilege. We seek to accomplish our goals in several ways:
  • We are committed to serving the community in the most dignified, caring, professional, and compassionate manner possible;
  • We strive to provide families with available options in order to address their financial circumstances; and
  • We seek to actively participate and sponsor appropriate community activities.
Dyer-Lake is comprised of many talented individuals performing various functions. Importantly, though, we recognize that it is the sum of the efforts of everyone at Dyer-Lake that exceeds the contributions of any one individual. In turn, the families and communities we serve all benefit from the efforts of the Dyer-Lake team.

Our core values are the key principles that guide our conduct and our professional relationships. They define how we engage with each other at Dyer-Lake, with the families we serve, and with our community. These attributes create the moral and ethical compass that permits us to conduct our business at all times with integrity, professionalism, and honesty.